List of Projects


Open Mind: Making the City in Aachen  2021
Collaborative Workshop for an open learning environment in the inner city of Aachen (West-Germany)

Village Centre Paulinenaue 2019-
Transformation of the inner periphery of the village of Paulinenaue in the surrounding of Berlin

ISEK QSA Lippstadt  2021
Integrated Urban DEvelopment Concept for the Southern part of the inner city of Lippstadt (Wets-Germany)

ClusterLOG  2020
Expert study and manual for guiding the implementation of shared housing concepts for one of the largest housing associations of Berlin

Fabulous Halemweg  2020
Competition for a community centre at the modern housing estate “Jungfernheide” in Berlin, 1st prize

City of Gardens  2020
Urban planning and open space competition

Lippstadt  2019
City council with surrounding neighbourhood, 7 ha, with Heimspiel Architekten and Planergruppe Oberhausen, 1st prize

Green Loop, Greven  2019
Realization Competition

Limburg  2019
Urban planning and open space competition, with häfner jiménez betcke jarosch landschaftsarchitektur and Mathias Uhl, 1st prize

Domhof Vreden  2017-2019
Redesign of the Dome Square as a flexibly usable place, 7000 sq

XS – New Holiday Homes Model Building  2018
IBA-Thüringen ideas competition, recognition with Tom Kühne

Oxford Barrack, Münster  2014-2018
Conversion of the Oxford barracks in Münster with approx. 27 ha into a mixed and sustainable residential area, multiple commissions, 1st prize, qualification for urban land-use planning with Francis Kéré and bbz landscape architects

Wasserstadt Oberhavel Berlin-Spandau  2018
Car-free living and subsequent residential uses, conversion area 10 haUrban planning competition, shortlist, with Ludloff Ludloff Architects and Herrburg Landscape Architects, EIBS GmbH

Guxhagen  2018
Further development of the Breitenau Monastery Memorial as a place of residence, approx. 8 ha

Barbara-Gerretz-School Meerbusch-Osterath  2016
Conversion of a former school area into a residential areaWettbewerb, 1. prize, Masterplan for urban land-use planning with bbz landschaftsarchitekten

Design Guidelines Oxford Barracks  2017
Design guideline for quality assurance and support of tendering and award of contract, with bbz landschaftsarchitekten

The City Of  The ‚AND‘  Vreden  2017
Development of mission statement, typologies and design ideas, 5 ha, for the city of Vreden (NRW), 1. Prize

White House  2016-2017
Renovation and conversion of a 100-year-old Swedish wooden house on the island of Hönö, Sweden, direct commision, design and approval planning and site management

Bazaar Berlin – The Arrival City  2016
Development of a flexible living and working structure for refugees, low-income, creative and committed citizens – an arrival city in the city, ideas competition „Stadt im Wandel – Stadt der Ideen“, 2. Prize with Roswag Architekten

Vision for Lindau, 2016
Urban development in the context of the garden show: Housing and subsequent residential uses, approx. 8 ha, realisation competition, recognition with bbz landschaftsarchitekten

Buttermarkt and Harbour  2016
Urban planning and open space development along the Krückenau, Elmshorn, competition for realisation, 2nd prize with bbz landschaftsarchitekten

House Caputh  2014-2017
Construction of a private house, direct order, draft and approval planning LPH 01-04, key details

Gera-Aue  2014
Open space and urban development of the green space within the framework of the Buga 2021, open space planning competition, 2nd prize with bbz landschaftsarchitekten

Taylor Barracks, Mannheim  2013
Conversion of one of the largest former US barracks with approx. 45 ha into an industrial and technology area Urban planning, open space planning competition 1st prize with Francis Kéré and Man Made Land

Darrplatz and Melanchthonplatz, Apolda  2012
Design of a square and urban repair, open space planning, urban development competition, 3rd prize with bbz landschaftsarchitekten and M+O

Hamburger Lids  2012
Open space planning, urban development competition, 2nd round with Gesa Königstein, Artgineering, Thomas Kubeneck

Main Market Nürnberg  2012
Redesign of a main market, fruit market, east side Augustinerhof, Competition, recognition with bbz landschaftsarchitekten and Ernst Scharf a42

Park Landscape, Berlin Tempelhof  2010
Mission statement for the subsequent use of the Tempelhof airfield and set of rules for procedural strategies, urban planning competition for open space planning, 2nd round with Hager Partner AG

Staion Area, Freiberg am Neckar  2009
Urban development concept for 18 ha with 19,500 m2 GFA and design of the station square, multiple commissions, 1st prize with Kubeneck Architects

Südkreuz, Berlin  2007
Typological collision at the station Berlin-Südkreuz, competition Europan, with _scapes Jorg Sieweke

Green Corridor, Neu-Altona  2007
Open ideas competition, 4th prize with _scapes Jorg Sieweke

Xeritown, Dubai (V.A.E.)  2006 / 2008
Masterplan sustainable and arid city for about 7000 inhabitants on an area of 59 ha in Dubailand

• Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction 2008 (acknowledgement prize)
• Cityscape Architectural Award 2008 (highly recommended)
Team: smaq – architecture urbanism research: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau mit Joachim Schultz-Granberg, Team: Therese Granberg, Ludovica Rogers, Felipe Flores, Kathrin Löer, u.a.
Partner: X-Architects (Dubai), Johannes Grothaus Landscape Architects (Potsdam/Dubai), Reflexion (Zürich) Licht, Buro Happold (London) Infrastruktur und Nachhaltigkeit

Golden Fallow, Berlin 2006
Temporary design of the Berlin castle area, competition, purchase, with _scapes Jorg Sieweke and Jan Schombara

Visitor Centre at Hercules, Kassel  2005
Competition for realisation, purchase with Jan Schombara, Christoph Stolzenberg and HL Landschaft

The Tower, Potsdam  2000-2001
Walk-in artwork for the Federal Garden Show in Potsdam 2001, Direct commission by the artist Annette Wehrmann with Claus Greil and Christoph Stolzenberg