Design Guidelines

Oxford - Barracks

Idea, plan, reality. The aim of this handbook is to ensure the quality of the guiding principles of urban development that are represented in the master plan and about to be implemented. The rules developed show a series of principles that serve the common good within the new quarter, the community in the courtyards, around issues of sustainability and functionality as well as technical features.

The design guidelines developed are a collection of principles that are addressed to all those involved in the further implementation process. These guidelines enable the evaluation of concrete building projects, are the basis for the awarding of competitions and multiple commissions, assist with the selection of winning concepts and, finally, represent an offering to all those involved in the subsequent realisation process. One can take the ideas on board and implement them, while at the same time remaining open to individual solutions. To use the words of Luigi Snozzi: “Any of the rules can be broken if the project is better than the rule”.

Design manual

Location: Münster, DE

Year: 2017

Client: City of Münster

Team: Joachim Schultz-Granberg, Therese Granberg, Max Rudolph, Martin Dennemark

Partner: bbz landschaftsarchitekten berlin

Associated Masterplan