Sustainable urban development fostering social inclusion consultation for the European Council on the topic of  "Public welfare-oriented and sustainable urban development" (2018)

3D mapping and acquisition tools Acquisition of a quadrocopter with infrared camera, sponsored by Wandelwerk (2017)

WSUD Focus on the principles of Water Sensitive Urban Design for the Oxford-Kaserne, funding by Wandelwerk NRW (2016) more

Raumbilder Research semester on the topic of "Visual Urban Research (2016 / 2017)

Social Design - Bezahlbar. Gut. Wohnen. Conception, preliminary examination and monitoring of the two-stage architectural competition for the Hans Sauer Foundation (2015-2016) more

EDUscape Development of a multimedia teaching concept for the integration of GIS-based instruments into architecture, funded by Wandelwerk NRW (2015)

Affordable living and sustainable prototypes Publication (Affordable Living) and symposium (Affordable and Sustainable Housing) sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation (2013-2014)

Acquisition of GIS infrastructure for quantitative urban research, funding by the Investment Fund of Münster University of Applied Sciences (2010)


Joachim Schultz-Granberg: Es kann nicht nur eine geben, Plea for methodical pluralism as a launch of the series Urban Design.Positions, Marlowes 2020 (German)

Topos102 When lights go down in a mining town

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Titel Bezahlbar Gut Wohnen klein

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Post Oil City

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Stationarea Freiberg in the catalogue: Realstadt - Wünsche als Wirklichkeit Berlin 2010


Scenario’s, Patterns and Prototypes - space as an incubator for knowledge  Lecture and workshops at the 6th Consultative Meeting of the University of Nepal, November 2023

L'OSTmoderne  Introduction and discussion for the lecture from Elias Schau (Alumni MSA), Max Lingner House, Berlin 2020

Strategies for affordable Housing  Lecture at the conference „City – Future – Living: Housing Innovations for Hamburg“ (2019)

The City as Incubator Lecture at the European Council on the topic of "Public welfare-oriented and sustainable urban development" (Lisbon, 2018)

Formal and informal instruments of urban development Keynote LWL Building Culture Symposium „Stadt Planung Kunst“, Münster, 2017

Strategies and patterns of affordable living Lecture at the symposium of the Schader-Stiftung zur Rückkehr der Wohnungsfrage (PDF Reader), Darmstadt, 2017

Strategies for Affordable Living Lecture at the vernissage of the extended exhibition on affordable living in the AIT Architektursalon @ Zentrum Baukultur, Mainz, 2017

Workshops, think tanks and affordable housing Münsterländer Architekten- und Ingenieurverein (MAIV), 2017

Arrival cities and organizational models Lecture, TU Wien 2016

Form follows Ressource - Architecture in times of change Lecture at the Heinze ArchitekTOUR, Dresden + Berlin 2016

Affordability Patterns Lecture at the German Architecture Center (DAZ) at the Y-Table Talk, Berlin 2015

The City as Incubator Lecture at the symposium Home, not Shelter, Berlin 2015

Wind Regime Lecture at the Austrian Pavilion "Team Breathe" at the Expo Milan, 2015

Affordable housing - arrival cities and organisational models Lecture Architektenkammer Hamburg, 2015

Kiosk-O Workshop report of the applied research project on orientation in the city at the German City Marketing Exchange in Kleve, 2014

The city as stage Lecture on public space in Münster at the "Innenstadtforum", Münster 2014

Permanent Incompleteness Vortrag am Harbin Institute of Technology - Shenzhen Graduate School, 2013

Urban Didactics or the Magic of Making  Critical Talks: Participation Workshop and launch of the „Next Bangalore“ at the Indo-German Jamboree, Bangalore 2013

Finding & Founding - the Instrument of Mapping in Urban Design WWU Münster, Institute for Geoinformatik (ifgi), 2011

Subkultur - Wer Mehrwert schafft, muss weiterziehen  Lecture at the BDA Wechselraum, Stuttgart 2012

Sustainable by Urban Design Lecture at the Festival dell’ Architettura, Parma 2011

Regional Challenges ANCB Aedes Network Campus Berlin: Workshop and Lecture “The City and the Region”, Berlin 2011


Residential Neighbourhood  Urban design and landscape competition for a new residential estate (5ha) in Burg, Fehmarn, 2022 (jury chairmanship)

Helmut-Schmidt-University  Urban design competition for the transformation of the university campus in Hamburg-Jenfeld, 2022 (jury member)

Berlin Waste Management (BSR)  realization competition, Berlin-Südkreuz 2021 (deputy jury member)

EZ-Campus Plus  Urban design competition for the Berlin site of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Berlin 2021 (deputy expert jury member)

Creating a sense of community   Tendering procedure for residential a neighbourhood, plot D1 (1ha), Oxford-Barracks Münster 2021 (jury chairmanship)

Active Courtyard  realization competition residential quarter on plot D2, Oxford-Barracks, Münster 2020 (jury member)

Vision for the Kimmel Quarter  High-densitiy mixed-use development, Riga 2021 (jury member)

New Urban Core Tempelhof  Urban planning realization competition, Berlin 2019-2020 (jury member)

Collective Living  Chairmanship of the tendering procedure for plot A2, Oxford-Barracks Münster 2020

Room with a View  Realization competition for a residential neighbourhood, Oxford-Barracks, Münster 2019

Kimmel-Quarter Riga 2018

Wachstum in Kooperation Student competition about living space in the region, Münster 2017

Epple Ideas competition for sustainable and affordable living space Stuttgart Nord 2017

AIT Award 2016  Hamburg 2016

Die Zukunft der Windhorststraße  Gutachterverfahren, Münster 2015

Baukulturpreis NRW Westphalian Preis für Baukultur, Münster 2015    

Residential Development Arnheimweg realization competition, Münster 2015

Lindenhof Urban planning ideas competition, Berlin-Lichtenberg 2013

Meckmannweg / Schwarzer Kamp  Urban planning realization competition, Münster 2011

Baufelder am Mauerpark Urban planning realization competition, Berlin 2011

VdI-Urban Planning and Architecture Competition Kiffe-Areal  Münster 2010

Kreative Klasse Ruhr / Ruhr 2010 Urban development area Viehofer Platz, Essen 2010

Tempelhof Airport - integrated Approaches for a new City District  IFHP Competition, Berlin 2009


Bezahlbar. Gut. Wohnen. Travelling exhibition about affordable housing supported by AIT. Exhibition stops: HO Berlin @ Make City Berlin (June 2015), AIT Architektursalon Köln (August – September 2015), AIT Architektursalon Hamburg (December 2015 – January 2016), Die Chapel in Heidelberg (June 2016), Zentrum Baukultur Rhineland-Palatinate in Mainz (April – May 2017), Stadthausgalerie Münster (June – July 2018), Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen (ZfBK) Dresden (July 2018), Tapetenwerk Leipzig (September 2018), ZfBK @ Das Tietz in Chemnitz (October – November 2018), AIT Architektursalon München (March – April 2019), Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf (May – June 2019), Hafenmuseum Bremen (December 2021 – July 2022)

Akademie der Szenarien - drei oder mehr Zukünfte für Barkenberg Exhibition of scenarios as answers to the demographic change of the city of Wulfen-Barkenberg, HausAufgaben 10-20 June 2015    

Stadt im Fluss - Münster an der Aa  Exhibition of projects for the integration of the river Aa, which is barely perceptible in the city, in Münster (promotion NRW "Ab in die Mitte"), September 2012

Exhibition of the project Bahnofsareal Freiberg and publication in the catalogue of the same name: BMVBS Exhibition Realstadt - Wünsche als Wirklichkeit Berlin in October 2010    

Addis Ababa – Hands-on Urbanism  Upgrade for an informal settlement in Addis Ababa, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR-Squat, Prof. Jörg Stollmann), Rotterdam 2009

Tempelhof – next generation  Symposium and exhibition on the processual development of the airport Tempelhof for the Long Night of Science, TU Berlin 2009

Dubai Metrozone  Exhibition on urban strategies for infrastructural locations along the Dubai Metro, Parallel Cases // IABR @ RDM, Rotterdam 2009

Urban Islands Wanted Pictures of Places in Dubai for the Mobile in the Reception Foyer of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR 2009


Bezahlbar. Gut. Wohnen. Lecture and conception of a symposium for the book presentation, Munich 2016

Zukunft Wohnen Symposium and book presentation on spatial and strategic parameters of affordable housing, concept Symposium and contribution, TU Berlin, January 2015

Climate and Design Symposium on climate-friendly building, contribution to the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR, Rotterdam, May 2014

Climate and Planning  Symposium on planning and climate objectives, organisation and contribution, Münster School of Architecture, July 2014

Climate and Adaptation  Symposium on the relations of climate-friendly building, adaptation and policy-making, organisation and contribution, Aedes Gallery / ANCB Berlin, July 2014

Affordable & Sustainable Housing  International conference with contributions from guests from China, India and Germany, Münster School of Architecture 2013

Muss Münster dichter werden?  Podium on the growing city of Münster and strategies for the formation of living space and on new forms of living, conception and moderation, Münster, June 2013