House Caputh

Private Villa

SSG Haus Caputh 07

SSG Lageplan Haus Caputh

The house is situated in Caputh, not far from the city of Potsdam, in the middle of the Brandenburg Lake District, which is formed by the Havel River. From an elevated position on the northern slope, an extensive panorama of the Havel Lake opens up. The shape and orientation of the house allow views of the lake landscape from the rooms on the upper floor and from the adjoining terrace. The staggered cubic structures form protected and open areas on the inside and outside, generating versatile references to the garden and the adjoining nature reserve.

Location: Caputh, GER/rot]

Year: 2014 – 2017

Client: privat

Team: Therese Granberg, Joachim Schultz-Granberg

Partners: häfner jiménez betcke jarosch landschaft, Ehrlich+Friedrich (LPH 05-08)


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