Bazaar Berlin

An Arrival City for Berlin

“It’s not a question of refugees but rather a question of integrated housing” – Bazaar Berlin, the new founder city – is a versatile and flexible living and working structure for refugees, low-income people as well as creative and committed citizens. A city for arrivals.

SSG Basar Berlin Cuvrybrache Staedtebau


SSG Basar Berlin Module

The project addresses the core idea of living and working as the basis for social integration. This is illustrated by the combination of tried and tested urban elements into a larger complex in which integration can take place on different levels. For a start, there is a ground floor base with commercial units, arranged on the model of the bazaar, providing compact working spaces for residents. On top of the bazaar, basic modules for living, in a range of different apartment sizes, offer accommodation for different types of inhabitant. The insertion of open space between the modules promotes communication and enables connection between residents. The concept was regarded as convincing since it responds both to the request for mixed use and the interest in the specific location on an urban wasteland called the Cuvry-Brache in Kreuzberg. The project offers integration in the local environment and a productive use of city space.

Competition “City in Transition – City of Ideas”, 2nd prize

Programme: Concept for a versatile arrival city

Location: Cuvrystraße (exemplary for Berlin, GER)

Year: 2016


Team: Joachim Schultz-Granberg, Therese Granberg, Tobias Grothues

Partner: Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler Architekten


SSG Berlin Award Grundrisse





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