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The knowledge and concept of time and space manifest itself in maps. Karl Schlögel, 2006

‘For a long time, Hamburg’s Elbe islands between Veddel, Wilhelmsburg and the Hamburg inland port barely registered in the minds of Hamburg’s citizens. The islands’ potential as inner-city residential areas, as places with an extremely exciting urban profile between port, city, village and landscape were hardly noticed.’

With IBA Hamburg, launched in 2006, this oversight is beginning to be reversed. Until 2013, the building exhibition will show the potential of such inner-city suburban zones (or ‘metro zones’ as we call them), with a wide variety of building and urban policy projects. The theme in this location is diversity: the diversity of the ‘cosmopolis’, its places, atmospheres, milieus and cultures. It is what makes our metropolises strong and must be nurtured. Solutions must also be sought as to how the dynamics of such places can be developed in an environmentally friendly manner.

This atlas is an important directory for the future of the Elbe islands, for the search for solutions for the metropolis of tomorrow. Like every atlas, it gives a differentiated picture of the present and history. But it also resonates with what is to come, what is possible, and with the potential of a fascinating piece of the city. Let yourself be seduced by a different view of the metropolis! Uli Hellweg, Managing Director IBA-Hamburg GmbH, Spring 2008


Joachim Schultz-Granberg, Jorg Sieweke: Atlas IBA Hamburg – Wilhelmsburg neu vermessen  Braun , Berlin 2008 >>

Atlas IBA Hamburg Stadtforschung



Joachim Schultz-Granberg, Jorg Sieweke
Atlas IBA Hamburg – Wilhelmsburg neu vermessen
German, English
31.7 x 24 cm
144 Pages
308 Images
ISBN 978-3-938780-72-5
Verlagshaus Braun


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