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Acquisition of GIS infrastructure for quantitative urban research, funding by the Investment Fund of Münster University of Applied Sciences (2010)

Affordable Living

Affordable living and sustainable prototypes Publication (Affordable Living) and symposium (Affordable and Sustainable Housing) sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation (2013-2014)


EDUscape Development of a multimedia teaching concept for the integration of GIS-based instruments into architecture, funded by Wandelwerk NRW (2015)

Hans Sauer Preis 2016

Social Design – Bezahlbar. Gut. Wohnen. Conception, preliminary examination and monitoring of the two-stage architectural competition for the Hans Sauer Foundation (2015-2016) more


Raumbilder Research semester on the topic of “Visual Urban Research (2016 / 2017)


3D mapping and acquisition tools Acquisition of a quadrocopter with infrared camera, sponsored by Wandelwerk (2017)

The City as Incubator

Sustainable urban development fostering social inclusion consultation for the European Council on the topic of  “Public welfare-oriented and sustainable urban development” (2018)