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Xeritown Post-Oil City 2012

Xeritown – Vernacular Principles in: Post-Oil City, The HISTORY of the CITY’s FUTURE, 2011, Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations e.V. (ifa), ARCH+ Journal for Architecture and Urban Planning, S. 32-36


Klaus Dömer, Hans Drexler, Joachim Schultz-Granberg: Affordable and Sustainable Housing – Architectural, Urban Strategies and Analysing Methodology – peer reviewed in: Petr Hájek, Jan Tywoniak, Antonín Lupísek, Katerina Sojková: CESB16 – Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2016 . Prague : Grada Publishing, a.s. for Czech Technical University in Prague , 2016, S. 716-723


Dömer, Drexler, Schultz-Granberg: Bezahlbar. Gut. Wohnen. Strategies for Affordable Housing, Jovis Publisher, 1st ed. 2016, 2nd ed. 2017, 3rd ed. 2022 (DAM Architectural Book Award 2017)