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Forum Hamburg

Strategies for affordable Housing  Lecture at the conference „City – Future – Living: Housing Innovations for Hamburg“ (2019)

ANCB 2011

Regional Challenges ANCB Aedes Network Campus Berlin: Workshop and Lecture “The City and the Region”, Berlin 2011

Parma 2011

Sustainable by Urban Design Lecture at the Festival dell’ Architettura, Parma 2011

ifgi 2011

Finding & Founding – the Instrument of Mapping in Urban Design WWU Münster, Institute for Geoinformatik (ifgi), 2011

Next Bangalore, 2013

Urban Didactics or the Magic of Making  Critical Talks: Participation Workshop and launch of the „Next Bangalore“ at the Indo-German Jamboree, Bangalore 2013

SGS 2013

Permanent Incompleteness Vortrag am Harbin Institute of Technology – Shenzhen Graduate School, 2013